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 "(Steve) Brockmann composes in a mainly Toto-esque, AOR-flavored hard rock utilizing progressive twists and turns a la Spock's Beard (which is no doubt accentuated by the guest players Dave Meros and Alan Morse, both of whom are of that popular prog rock band), as well as many a salute to the complex metal structures of Iron Maiden as well ... The continuity of melodies, the truly "human" concept, the mature and accessible compositions, and the fantastic production quality make this album shine ...." 

- Andy Webb "Prog Archives"

"(George) Andrade’s approach remains endearingly humble, focusing on the characters’ often flawed humanity rather than adopting the grandiose approach of much-touted efforts like Ayreon’s "The Human Equation" and avoiding those often badly handled fantasy (slash) supernatural overtones that invariably spell cheesiness. The project’s structure, in five movements conceived like the chapters in a novel or the acts in a play, reveals Andrade’s literary background ... the genuinely moving storyline is also masterfully conveyed by Andrade’s keen sensibility and skill with words."
- Raffaella Berry "Fire of Unknown Origin"

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Interview Feature in Fireworks Melodic Rock Magazine #54

We were humbled and very excited to be asked for an interview recently by Reviews Editor Paul Jerome Smith from the UK print magazine Fireworks!

Paul had "discovered" us earlier and was gracious enough to give us a wonderful, highlighted review in Fireworks #53 (Sept/Oct) in which he used such phrases as "a pure joy", "up there with the best", and "a quite exceptional piece of work" to describe AIRS.

Our interview can be found on pages 90 & 91 of Fireworks Issue #54 (Nov/Dec), and in it we talk about the unique, "unconventional" story and style of the rock opera as well as our approach to constructing the album. 

You can read the two page feature as well as check out the review on our Media Page. And be sure to take a look at Fireworks Magazine of Melodic Rock online, too!

In the next issue, we'll also have a track on the Fireworks Sampler CD, free with the purchase of the print edition.
AIRS on Prog Sphere compilation "Progstravaganza 10"!

We are very pleased to have joined the rest of the collective in this really cool, eclectic mix of up-and-coming modern progressive rock compiled by the good folks at Prog Sphere!

"Progstravaganza 10" is the latest installment of a showcase that features extremely talented neo-prog bands and artists from all over the world - this time 43 songs are available for download, individually or as a digital albumfor FREE! Make your own discovery today!

"AIRS - A Rock Opera" is proudly represented by "Annabelle" - a last minute addition that we are thankful for being allowed the opportunity by Nick and the the entire Prog Sphere Promotions staff to present!

AIRS added to Progstreaming!


Hear it. Like it. Buy it.

We are pleased to announce that "AIRS - A Rock Opera" has been added to the fantastic progressive rock resource that is progstreaming through the month of April! Much thanks to Markwin Meeuws for allowing us this honor and privilege - as always we appreciate all the consideration and time that the music community has given to us!

** Held over by popular demand through the month of May! Thank you all! **
AIRS Featured on the March Cover of The Rocktologist!
The March 2012 Issue #14 of webzine The Rocktologist was published this weekend with the byline "AIRS - a brand new rock opera" on its cover! Inside is a feature page on Brockmann/Andrade and AIRS, an interview with George Andrade by editor Rok Podgrajsek and a review of the album, too.

Quoting Rok Podgrajsek from his review:

"The music and words complement one another wonderfully. When the music is harder, angrier, you can also hear the anguish in the vocals and lyrics. When the music is soothing, the vocals are calmer and the story is appropriately more relaxed as well."

AIRS received 9 out of 10 stars!

The opening song "Fateful Days" (featuring Paul Adrian Villarreal on vocals as Owen) has also been selected as The Rocktologist music guide recommended track for the week March 4 - March 10!

We are once again very excited and honored to have been given such attention and consideration by yet another most excellent web journal!
"Band and Record of The Month" February 2012!

"AIRS - A Rock Opera" was chosen by Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal webzine as the "Band and Record of The Month" for February 2012!

Editor Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira led off his accompanying review by stating: "We started 2012 with a collection of amazing new bands and wonderful new musical projects, "Airs - A Rock Opera" is one of these important musical projects released from the beginning of 2012 and, naturally, will be considered as one of the best albums from this year."

Carlos concludes by saying: "I have to say, congratulations guys, to this amazing album with an impeccable production. Musically the sound on this album leans heavily on the influences of rock from seventies/eighties, but with some hints of rock from nineties, listen carefully and you will find musical smells from "Black Sabbath", "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "Uriah Heep", "Saga", "Styx", "Queensryche", "Iron Maiden" and so on. "Airs - A Rock Opera" is an amazing album for any fan of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal or for any fans of catchy music in general. Brilliant and fantastic, highly recommendable... "

We are thrilled and honored to have been given such distinction by this most excellent web journal!
Welcome To The Official Website of "AIRS - A Rock Opera"

Welcome to the official website of "AIRS - A Rock Opera"
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AIRS - A Rock Opera

 Album Cover and Art Design by Matt Willett
Press Release


January 30, 2012 – Steve Brockmann (“Expected Errors”) and George Andrade (The ANABASIS) to release “AIRS – A ROCK OPERA”, Featuring Guest Appearances by Paul Adrian Villarreal (Sun Caged), Gordon Tittsworth (Images of Eden), Dave Meros and Alan Morse (Spock’s Beard) on Fencesound Music.

Fall River, MA, USA/Bredstedt, Germany - January 30, 2012 (Fencesound Music) – Fencesound Music is thrilled to announce the pending release of the full length, debut rock opera from Steve Brockmann and George Andrade (Brockmann/Andrade) entitled “Airs – A Rock Opera”, on February 29, 2012.

“Airs – A Rock Opera” is packed with 74 minutes of exciting and emotional music that runs the gamut of rock, metal, blues, pop, gospel and even cinematic score in a classic rock opera style and comes with a beautifully designed, 24 page lyric book illustrating an engaging narrative story.

Steve Brockmann, music composer, arranger and producer, is a multi-instrumentalist who has played an active role in Northern Germany’s music scene since the early 1980s. Amongst others, he has played support gigs for such rock legends as Uriah Heep, Moody Marsden Band, and Hawkwind. Steve currently concentrates his musical work on various projects in his personal studio. Steve’s releases include “Don’t Sing” (2001), “Broskro Skrobro” (2002), “Expected Errors” (2007) and the upcoming “Pools Under Ganymede”.

George Andrade, story, lyrics and narratives, is the lyricist and Executive Producer for the progressive metal band The ANABASIS (10T Records). He has written adult and children’s fiction, provides critical readings for screenplays, reviews novels for and is a freelance editor. He is listed in the Locus Magazine author index and has been an artist-in-residence for Very Special Arts Rhode Island.  He also wrote, produced and directed the short film “Supports’ which won RI Cable Award for “Best Entertainment/Variety”.

"A theatrical feast for the heart and mind, 'Airs - A Rock Opera' tells her story with simplicity and elegance: on a small circular island in the Atlantic, Owen Doane has rolled through a stop sign and driven a car carrying two tourists – a mother and her 9 year old daughter - from the road to strike a stone wall.  The accident caused the girl to suffer injuries that paralyzed her from the waist down, confining her life to a chair and thereby forcing Owen's father, Derrick Doane, to suffer the collapse of his company that had been built upon the Doane family heritage of pulling stone from fields before harvest and building walls after milling grain since they had first settled Manisses Island in 1664.  He returns home from prison to mend the walls and fences that he has destroyed and soon learns to speak of wind and air - not stone and mortar - and through the help of those he's injured understands that our hearts are on strings.  A powerful, vintage '70s/'80s rock score by Steve Brockmann conveys all of the loss, disillusionment, rekindled hope, reconciliation and ultimate redemption that is Owen's journey and is rich with soaring cinematic passages!"

“Being such a fan of 70s art-rock, particularly Kansas, Styx and Genesis, I was honored and thrilled when George and Steve asked me to participate in the AIRS rock opera,” says Paul Adrian Villarreal. “It was a pure pleasure to work on such a wonderful project and alongside so many other great talents. I can’t wait to hear it in its final form, and for the rest of the world to hear it! Thanks guy and let’s do it again sometime!”

“What can I say – it’s an amazing piece of art and contains one of my favorite songs that I’ve heard in quite some time,” says Gordon Tittsworth. “”Kites” always takes me to a better place no matter how many times I hear it.”

“... The songs (“Annabelle” and “Flight II”) are both really great. I still have “Annabelle” circulating in my head. Every once in a while I'll find myself humming that one,” says Dave Meros. “I don't know if you've heard the term, but when something enters your ears and stays there for a long period of time and you can't stop thinking about it whether you like it or not, it's called an "ear worm".  Annabelle is one of my current ear worms.”

“The album’s 18 tracks explore a host of themes and elements, twisting and turning moods with the whim of the emotive lyrics, awakening the script from just words on a page to the heightened sense of emotion of which they deserve,” says Andy Webb of Prog Archives. “The continuity of melodies, the truly “human” concept, the mature and accessible compositions, and the fantastic production quality make this album shine, showing the great creative prowess of the minds of George Andrade and Steve Brockmann.”

“AIRS – A Rock Opera” by Brockmann/Andrade is available for immediate pre-order through the official “AIRS” website or at Fencesound Music.  All orders received by February 19 will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to receive one of fifteen 8.5x11 signed glossy prints of the AIRS logo and kite detail from the album cover design of Matt Willett and will be shipped in time to be received as close to the release date as possible. Also available at your favorite online, digital download, or retail outlet on 2/29/12.

Teaser trailers from “Airs – A Rock Opera” are now available to preview on the Fencesound Music YouTube Channel. Additional trailers and the release of a single “Annabelle” are soon to follow. Further promotional support provided by month long radio campaign culminating with World Premiere Event on AiiRadio, February 28, 2012.

Updated information available on the
Official Facebook PageContact  information: Steve Brockmann / George Andrade    

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