Friday, August 07, 2020

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Antila Thomson
Antila Thomson sings the part of Hannah in the songs "Fateful Days II", "Hannah" and "Flight II”.

It all started for Antila in her 3rd grade class when she was in the school choir – her teacher told her that she had a good voice and that if she would train it she had great potential.

At 7 years old she began to take those singing lessons one time a week and every year she would participate in a small concert singing for the elderly of the community.  Unfortunately, after 6 years she had to stop singing because her school work began to demand more of her attention.

When she was 14, she happened to meet an activities director named Steve Brockmann at the “House of Youth” in her town and after some time he asked her if she wanted to sing in a rock opera that he was writing.  She was very happy about the prospect of the project and to have the opportunity to sing again so she promptly said “yes”!

In 2011, Antila received her secondary school certificate and sang their school song to say: “good bye school”! She is now sometimes inspired to meet with a good friend and sing while they accompany each other playing the guitar.  Though she has no plans for a future career in performing, she does think that she will never stop singing and she hopes to one day join a band.

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