Everything You Need to Know About Rock Music

Rock music originated from black musical styles like gospel, rhythm and blues, and country music. Those styles came from the rhythm of African Americans whose slave ancestors exported this rhythm from Africa.

Rock music is in in 4/4 time, and you clap to the 2 and 4 beats. It’s often said that if you’re good at mathematics, you’ll be able play a musical instrument or have an ear for music.

Start teaching your children from as young as 4 years old to understand math. Children who play with math riddles and learn the basics at a young age are more likely to be skilled in all aspects of their academic life later on. It has been proven that music, playing and listening to, has many benefits in terms of learning, academic success, and even psychological development.

Rock Music Albums.

Rock Music Albums - Everything You Need to Know About Rock Music

Choosing the albums that should be on the list of the best rock albums is one of the most hotly debated topics in the history of music. There are some that had the biggest influence on rock music and changed its course for all time.

In 1967, The Jimi Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced’ album was launched and redefined the electric guitar. His guitar playing skills are legendary and his debut album ‘Are you experienced’ was truly ground-breaking.

The album that defined rock.

Bob Dylan’s ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ launched in 1965 and increased pop’s concept, and defined rock. Dylan’s unusual and strange voice jeered revolution with every syllable. His message was informed, but street accessible and owed much to dustbowl country and urban blues.

The opening track ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ is still one of the most popular songs of any given genre and gave Dylan his first US hit. Two months later, the Rolling Stones were inspired to make the quantum leap from The Last Time to (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

The album that sold 17 million copies.

Mike Oldfield was 19 years old when Tubular Bells was released in 1973. Oldfield carried this album around to record label after record label, rejected at every turn. Then Richard Branson found it and made it the first release for his new label Virgin Records.

Tubular Bells set a new benchmark for instrumental progressive rock. The album stayed in the charts five years, eventually selling 17 million copies.

The album that defined rock for the new millennium.

In 2003, The White Stripes released ‘Elephant’ and re-defined the torn, frayed, greasy and imperfect music that is ‘rock’.

Critically acclaimed, Elephant gave the Stripes their first UK number one hit. And while everyone else was ‘Pro-Tooling’ their music into featureless perfection, this album restored rock to first principles. Elephant was an album that marked rock’s future by incorporating its past.

Rock music has changed lives, encouraged revolutions, healed people, caused controversy, and still bring people together.

Many of the best-known rock artists are also musicians. Despite popular belief, many of these rockers are also quite intelligent and good at mathematics. They are also a testament to the valuable impact that music and playing instruments can have on math skills and academic performance.

Music versus Musician: How are They Different?

The difference between the music and the musician.

Musicians make incredible music, and we love it, so we should be able to enjoy the music without ever knowing who was behind it. Often the music remains brilliant despite the fall of some of the world’s favorite musicians.

So, you hear a song and really love it, so much so that you can’t get the tune out of your head and you rush to buy a download of it. Sometimes, however, the musicians behind the music make mistakes. The media and paparazzi blow up their personal lives and mistakes. These images and stories of beloved musicians often sour the popularity of their music.

It could be said that musicians, writers, and painters are about their work, and their work could become more famous and recognizable than themselves. The music should surpass the musician.

Whilst the music was good, it’s now connected with bad press, huge mistakes, and sometimes horrifying truths souring the whole picture. Music is an association game, everything is interelated and intertwined.

Role models are supposed to be people that we can learn from, and improve upon, and that help to make society stronger. Despite some of the bad reputations and not-so-great-behavior, the world improves with music.

What about simply listening to great music?

What about simply listening to great music - Music versus Musician: How are They Different?

Scientists have worked out that listening to music that we really like, is just as enjoyable as sex. Listening to it activates the same pleasure region in the brain as during sex by releasing the hormone dopamine.

Darwin declared that, “Musical notes and rhythm were first acquired by the male or female progenitors of mankind for the sake of charming the opposite sex.”

Themes of lust and love dominate rock music and 92% of Top Ten Billboard songs are about sex. Music is about love and desire. It can be melancholy, it can be pleasure, it can be soothing, it can be potent, or delicate, lively, or calming or an emotional roller coaster.

Finally, rock music is still all about coming of age, of bucking the trends, and proclaiming your independence. It’s about the restless heart of adventurers who want to experience life.

Top Tips for Releasing Your Own Music Album

If you want to release your own rock music album, be prepared for lots of hard work. Before you even start recording, start an online presence and keep it updated. This is probably the most important thing you can do as an independent artist. Optimize your website so it shows up in as many Google search results as possible.

When you approach record labels, they will ask you if you have a website and if they’re interested in you, they will do a search. Make sure your website is professional and easy to navigate. When people do a search, you want as much information about you to show up as possible.

Showcase your music on the landing page. Have plenty of pictures of you or you and your band making music or playing live at various venues.

Connect with people in your ‘about me’ section in your site. Talk about your interests and paint a picture about you and your life. The more people connect with you as a person, the more they will connect with your music.

Your social media presence.

Your social media presence - Top Tips for Releasing Your Own Music Album

Social media is just as essential as having your own website. Without a social media presence, people won’t know you exist. The website shows who you are, and social media shows what you’re doing day to day.

Be generous with your knowledge of the music industry. Create helpful content and perhaps post valuable tips you’ve learned the hard way. People love getting value for free and they might willingly support and follow you.

Post videos of you making music at home, anything funny goes down very well and people love to share. The fastest way to grow your social media followers is to post on Instagram two or three times a day.

Make regular content updates for your followers. It will make them curious about what you’re doing and visit your social media sites more often.

Make a YouTube channel.

Make a YouTube channel. - Top Tips for Releasing Your Own Music Album

YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool and the perfect place to release your music as an independent artist. Make sure you link to your YouTube channel from your Facebook, Instagram, or website and they will all be helpful to each other to grow naturally.

It’s hard work making video content for your YouTube channel but try and video everything you do whether it’s just practicing or performing live. You can use that content for your Facebook and Instagram as well as your You Tube channel.

Sign up with a distribution agency.

Distribution agencies are intended to help independent artists release their music. Some agencies are free, and some charge a small fee.

Your agency will require you to upload your song and album cover along with your personal details such as website and social media details to release a song on these platforms.

Once you’ve created an account, and uploaded your song and album artwork, you’ll have to wait 2 – 4 weeks for approval. If all goes well, you’ll receive an official release date.

And then, you’ll start receiving royalties! Your distribution agency collects your royalties automatically and deposits them into your bank account. If you’re just starting out, making an income becomes paramount. Various platforms pay you to stream, Spotify pays about 0.006 cents per play, check though, rates change often.

Popular Rock Music Bands and Albums

Rock is definitely alive and kicking.

Rock and roll have been a huge cultural force since it erupted onto the musical scene in the 1950s. Not only did it drastically alter the evolution of popular music, but it also influenced fashion, human behavior, and cultural norms in general.

Rock music has always been trendy among younger adults and teenagers. The music was associated with revolution and youth.

In 2017, R&B and hip-hop became the leading genre in the US, and according to Nielsen Music, outshined rock music. Critics often wondered if rock is dead or argued that rock would never reclaim its throne.

Popular Rock Music Bands and Albums 1 - Popular Rock Music Bands and Albums

Then suddenly, 2019 was hailed as one of rock’s biggest years to date. Huge bands reunited, and underground stars suddenly got famous. And the people reuniting behind these musical subcultures made too much noise for the critics to dismiss.

2020 was supposed to be the riff that sounded across the globe, but Covid-19 postponed all that, yet bands were still reunited, and underground stars were still famous.

‘My Chemical Romance’ announced their return to the stage and fans went wild! Artists from every genre of music were enthusiastic and excited.

These days bands are more motivated to bring easy-to-beat openers or rap stars just to expand crowds. So, the idea of bringing together three such gigantic names as Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer in rock music is extraordinary, yet, it happened, once again proving that rock is very much alive.

The way the critics and those in the know have been talking, one could have been forgiven for thinking that hip-hop far outshined rock. But Artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Ghostemane and the late Juice WRLD have been open about listening to lots of cynical guitar-based music and loving it.

The GRAMMY Awards has always at best ignored and at worst utterly botched the rock music genre. But the victory for High on Fire, and nominations of bands like Candlemass and Death Angel, makes one hope that this is the beginning of a trend that could go on into the future. Maybe more of rock’s genuine stars can at last receive recognition.

Some of the biggest rock concerts in history

Huge stadium rock concerts are a fixture on the calendar, and some rock shows are clearly bigger than most.

When Monsters of Rock came to Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was always going to be a mighty happening. Over 1.6 million fervent rock fans packed into the Tushino Airfield near Moscow to see stars like Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera and the Black Crowes. And for a bonus appearance, the Russian heavy metal band E.S.T. played to wild audiences.

The concert in Rio de Janeiro in 1984 by the Beatles icon Paul McCartney was one of the largest ticketed shows ever put on by a solo performer. The show was electrifying and part of it was that it was on his Paul McCartney World Tour after a long ten years of inactivity.