Music versus Musician: How are They Different?

The difference between the music and the musician.

Musicians make incredible music, and we love it, so we should be able to enjoy the music without ever knowing who was behind it. Often the music remains brilliant despite the fall of some of the world’s favorite musicians.

So, you hear a song and really love it, so much so that you can’t get the tune out of your head and you rush to buy a download of it. Sometimes, however, the musicians behind the music make mistakes. The media and paparazzi blow up their personal lives and mistakes. These images and stories of beloved musicians often sour the popularity of their music.

It could be said that musicians, writers, and painters are about their work, and their work could become more famous and recognizable than themselves. The music should surpass the musician.

Whilst the music was good, it’s now connected with bad press, huge mistakes, and sometimes horrifying truths souring the whole picture. Music is an association game, everything is interelated and intertwined.

Role models are supposed to be people that we can learn from, and improve upon, and that help to make society stronger. Despite some of the bad reputations and not-so-great-behavior, the world improves with music.

What about simply listening to great music?

What about simply listening to great music - Music versus Musician: How are They Different?

Scientists have worked out that listening to music that we really like, is just as enjoyable as sex. Listening to it activates the same pleasure region in the brain as during sex by releasing the hormone dopamine.

Darwin declared that, “Musical notes and rhythm were first acquired by the male or female progenitors of mankind for the sake of charming the opposite sex.”

Themes of lust and love dominate rock music and 92% of Top Ten Billboard songs are about sex. Music is about love and desire. It can be melancholy, it can be pleasure, it can be soothing, it can be potent, or delicate, lively, or calming or an emotional roller coaster.

Finally, rock music is still all about coming of age, of bucking the trends, and proclaiming your independence. It’s about the restless heart of adventurers who want to experience life.

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