Everything You Need to Know About Rock Music

Rock music originated from black musical styles like gospel, rhythm and blues, and country music. Those styles came from the rhythm of African Americans whose slave ancestors exported this rhythm from Africa.

Rock music is in in 4/4 time, and you clap to the 2 and 4 beats. It’s often said that if you’re good at mathematics, you’ll be able play a musical instrument or have an ear for music.

Start teaching your children from as young as 4 years old to understand math. Children who play with math riddles and learn the basics at a young age are more likely to be skilled in all aspects of their academic life later on. It has been proven that music, playing and listening to, has many benefits in terms of learning, academic success, and even psychological development.

Rock Music Albums.

Rock Music Albums - Everything You Need to Know About Rock Music

Choosing the albums that should be on the list of the best rock albums is one of the most hotly debated topics in the history of music. There are some that had the biggest influence on rock music and changed its course for all time.

In 1967, The Jimi Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced’ album was launched and redefined the electric guitar. His guitar playing skills are legendary and his debut album ‘Are you experienced’ was truly ground-breaking.

The album that defined rock.

Bob Dylan’s ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ launched in 1965 and increased pop’s concept, and defined rock. Dylan’s unusual and strange voice jeered revolution with every syllable. His message was informed, but street accessible and owed much to dustbowl country and urban blues.

The opening track ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ is still one of the most popular songs of any given genre and gave Dylan his first US hit. Two months later, the Rolling Stones were inspired to make the quantum leap from The Last Time to (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

The album that sold 17 million copies.

Mike Oldfield was 19 years old when Tubular Bells was released in 1973. Oldfield carried this album around to record label after record label, rejected at every turn. Then Richard Branson found it and made it the first release for his new label Virgin Records.

Tubular Bells set a new benchmark for instrumental progressive rock. The album stayed in the charts five years, eventually selling 17 million copies.

The album that defined rock for the new millennium.

In 2003, The White Stripes released ‘Elephant’ and re-defined the torn, frayed, greasy and imperfect music that is ‘rock’.

Critically acclaimed, Elephant gave the Stripes their first UK number one hit. And while everyone else was ‘Pro-Tooling’ their music into featureless perfection, this album restored rock to first principles. Elephant was an album that marked rock’s future by incorporating its past.

Rock music has changed lives, encouraged revolutions, healed people, caused controversy, and still bring people together.

Many of the best-known rock artists are also musicians. Despite popular belief, many of these rockers are also quite intelligent and good at mathematics. They are also a testament to the valuable impact that music and playing instruments can have on math skills and academic performance.

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