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Tony Kost
Tony KostTony Kost performed the spoken words for Coleman Burke in the song “Grounded II”.

Tony was born in Manhattan, raised in Brooklyn, and escaped the streets of Brooklyn in the 60's and 70's when he joined the US Navy in 1980. Many of his peers in Brooklyn didn’t get an opportunity to do so, many of them dying violently or in drug overdoses during the 70's ... that lifestyle also claimed the lives of 2 of his younger brothers. 

Tony left the US Navy in 1983 and pursued an education in electrical technology, soon being hired by a major telecommunications corporation in his native NYC. Tony always had a great respect and admiration for film and stage actors, and was urged by a friend in 2007 to audition for a Mafia Boss in a film student's thesis called “That's Life...”  His role as Vincent "The Hammer" DeRosa was a decent effort for an actor with no formal training and being thrust in on short notice. Tony began to think that he might be able to do well in the film business. He was sent to London in late 2008 to do a photo shoot, and continued to do shorts and student films. 

Tony caught a big break when he was personally chosen by Director Tony Scott to be a “double” for James Gandolfini in “The Taking of Pelham 1:23” - it was on that job that he earned his Screen Actors Guild card. He has been working in the film industry fairly steadily since and his biggest part to date has come in “The Adjustment Bureau” in a scene opposite Matt Damon … unfortunately the scene was cut from the movie, but the experience was priceless. Tony has worked in scenes with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlize Theron, and he also “doubles” for John Goodman. 

In late 2011 he was tapped by his old Navy Buddy George Andrade to do a voice over for Coleman Burke on "AIRS"!  

Tony’s IMDB link is:
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